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Quality Products

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Quality Products

We are producing, importing and distributing quality products for you and your family.

The continuous improvement and the progress of the products labeled «PARPIS», as well as the continuous development and establishment of new and innovative collaborations, increasing our range of products even more, aiming to offer our customers, the best quality products, at the best possible prices.

Our products can be purchased either through retail or from our stores.

Parpis Carob Products

We pride ourselves for the quality of our own labeled products of carob and we aim to keep improving and maintaining them as a first choice of our market.

Carobs are an immensely rich source of food and they might be the ideal “survival food” considering that they lasts for a long period of time, they don’t require any special storage conditions and they can be consumed without any preparations.

Reese's Chocolates.jpg

Parpis Trading distributes Hershey's and Reese's chocolates from America, candies from Spain and Italy, cookies, snack bars sugar free & gluten free products from Greece, lollipops, jellies, marshmallows, wedding, baptism and memorial dragées.


Seasonal products such as Christmas unpackaged chocolates and unpackaged Easter chocolate eggs in various sizes, baskets with chocolate eggs and gifts and many more.

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Wish to place our products in your store? We will be glad to have you with us and serve you at our best. Send us your request and we will get in touch with you the soonest possible.

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