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About Us

Our Management

Meet the people behind Parpis Trading

Who we are

At Parpis Trading we believe in positiveness and togetherness. We are convinced that together we can do things that makes an impact is people’s lives.

Our purpose is to deliver quality products in the market which can bring a smile to people of any age for any reason.

We achieve this by working closely with our associates, choosing the right products, making them accessible to the market and by offering excellence in our service and support.

We offer owned and imported food products for personal and professional use.

Our History


The beginning

Michalakis Parpis, together with his wife, Sofia Parpi, started in 1966 by renting a small warehouse in Mesa Gitonia, Limassol, where they started distributing and then importing various types of sweets, such as wafers and candy bars, confectionery raw materials, candies, chocolates, cold cuts, snacks, etc.


The next step up

Later, in 1991, as protagonists now in the Cypriot market, they entered in the distribution of carob products and other traditional Cypriot products, covering both the domestic and the tourist market of the island.

In 1991, the company had set up its own sales network, distribution and customer service, with its own cars, covering the entire Cypriot market. Moreover, its export activity has been steadily developing aiming mainly the countries of Eastern Europe and the Arab World. At the same time, its import activity has been also steadily developing mainly from countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain, America and China.


Keep growing

Today, Parpis Trading offers even bigger variety of products. Our team works hard on a daily basis to deliver to the market products that people will love. Our distribution team delivers our products in all major resellers and professionals in Cyprus.



Limassol Carob Mill

The "New Carob Mill of Limassol" is a new industrial plant that deals with the processing and sale of carobs, either whole or sliced ​​and its seeds, mainly for export. The new industrial plant for processing carobs is located in the industrial area of ​​Agios Sila, Ipsonas in Limassol.

Our customers are production units which produce carob syrup and other carob products as well as wholesalers mainly from the Middle East and Europe.

For more information visit the website of the New Carob Mill of Limassol.

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